Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some common questions we receive. We hope your questions can be answered here. If not, please  send us a new one!

Q: If I find my Directory Listing in the current 2015 Directory of Gifted Communicators, does this mean I have paid for my 2015 Listing?

A: Not necessarily. Search for your Listing. Under the Contact Information you will see ‘Published’ and a year. After you pay for your 2015 Listing, it will show 2015. If you see 2014, it means you need to pay for 2015 Listing. After Feb 1, we will unpublish any Directory Listings not paid for.

Q: What are some of the features of the Directory of Gifted Communicators and how do I add or edit my information?

A: We’re glad you asked! The listings in the directory feature a headshot image, links to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Amazon, and YouTube, an option to display a quote, an area for a longer biography, a pinpointed Google Map of your location, more communicator type/fee range options, and enhanced search-ability. We have two listing types: Gold and Platinum. Learn more about the features of each here. To update/add your information, please edit your listing.

Q: Can I see examples of the different listing types?

A: Of course. Click here to see samples of both Gold and Platinum Listings.

Q: What is my username and password to log in to the Directory?

A: Our previous Directory required you to log in to edit your listing. The current Directory of Gifted Communicators does not require you to log in. Simply go to ‘Your Listing’ on the top menu and click ADD or EDIT. You will add information if you are not already listed; you will edit if you are previously listed. We’ll manually make the changes. (If you are a Premium Member of, and you are seeking your username and password, please click here to request it. The Directory of Gifted Communicators is separate from Premium Membership at

Q: What does it mean to Upgrade Your Listing?

A: If you have paid for a Gold Listing type, you may decide to Upgrade to a Platinum Listing. If you are not currently listed, you may purchase either a Gold or Platinum Listing. Learn more about the features of each here.  Upgrade your Directory Listing information here, then pay only the upgrade price.

Q: What is the ‘Quote’ feature?

A: The Quote area is an optional feature where you can display a 1-2 sentence testimonial, quote, motto, Bible verse, or any other snippet of information you’d like to display on your page, in addition to your biography.

Q: My headshot photo is distorted or blurry. How do I fix this?

A: With an increased photo size, some photos do not look as clear when stretched. We’d be happy to update your photo if you can upload it here. The size you upload should be a minimum of 120px x 180px, or larger.

Q: What if I don’t have a headshot?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot approve your Directory Listing without a picture because we want our Directory to be consistently beautiful, like you!  Your photo doesn’t have to be professional by any means. We will crop to your shoulder and face.  Sorry, we can not display logos, book covers, or other non-headshot-type images.

Q: How often can I update my information?

A: As often as you’d like. Please allow one business day (M-F) for the update to take effect.

Q: Who can see my listing?

A: The world! The Directory of Gifted Communicators is open to the public, giving you maximum exposure. It’s one of the most visited pages at with thousands of unique visitors every year.  If you would not like certain contact information displayed, simply do not provide it when you add or edit your listing.

Q: How does my listing become ‘Featured’ on the Directory home page?

A: Directory Listings will be ‘Featured’ for those who advertise with us. You may also be featured if you exhibit high levels of involvement on like us, tweet about us, write for us – if we notice, you’ll be featured. You should try it! Click here for more details.

Q: I have some information I would like listed that doesn’t fit in well with the upload options. What can I do?

A: Sorry we want our directory to be both consistent and remain functional. Use only the fields provided. But, we love to receive ideas of how to improve. Send us an email with your recommendations.

Q: I consider myself to be both a speaker and a musician. Can I be listed as more than one communicator type?

A: Yes! With a Platinum Listing, you can select up to four communicator types that will be searchable to your single listing.

Q: Am I able to highlight certain information about myself other than the search terms available?

A: Yes! One of the great features of our search tool is it will also pull up keywords from your profile, in addition to communicator type, fee range, and state. Your listing has a greater chance of being brought up in a search by using keywords in your biography and quote you would like associated with your listing.

Q: What if I don’t have a ministry/agency?

A: No problem! Simply leave the ministry/agency information fields blank.

Q: I am a part of a ministry that has multiple members (speakers, bloggers, musicians, etc.). Do you offer group pricing, or would we each have to purchase our own individual listing.

A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer group discounts at this time for directory listings. For now, add multiple directory listings, or one listing by ministry name. (Tip: When you add multiple listings, it should help with SEO rankings when others search for your website or ministry name.)

Q: What is a ‘Love Offering’?

A: A love offering is a fee range we have included if you typically provide free services. You also have the option to list this in conjunction with another fee range, for example, ‘Love Offering’ and ‘Fee Negotiable.’

Q: Why are denominations not listed?

A: The Directory of Gifted Communicators lists many communicators across many Christian denominations. You may specify your denomination in your biography if you like.

Q: How much is a listing in the Directory of Gifted Communicators?

A: The Directory has two different pricing options. A Gold Listing is $49.95/year and a Platinum Listing is $69.95/year. You may make your payment here after you upload or edit your listing information. The Listings expire on December 31 of each year, unless of course you renew for the following year. We’ll send out a reminder email in December.

Q: If I add a Directory Listing in the middle of the year, do I get charged a discounted or prorated amount?

A: As each quarter passes, a new Directory Listing will be discounted a bit based on a pro-rated amount. See chart for exact prices per quarter.

Q: How do I renew my listing and what is the deadline to do this?

A: All listings expire on December 31. You may renew your listing between December 1 and January 31 by purchasing a new listing. Renewal notices will be sent out via email throughout this period.

Q: What if I don’t pay for my Directory Listing by the deadline?

A: We simply unpublish your listing. We’ll miss you, and so will thousands of others searching for gifted communicators for their next event. We will keep your listing on file for 30 days after the deadline just in case.

Q: How can I make sure I get your email announcements about new features and renewal deadlines?

A: Please make sure you add to your Safe Sender list so our emails do not go to your spam or junk mail box. Don’t forget to subscribe to our free Tip of the Week eNewsletter too.

Q: If someone is listed in your Directory, does this mean they work for, or they are endorsed by

A: The Directory of Gifted Communicators is a service provided to any and all Christian communicators and those seeking the services of communicators. Listings are paid for, and thus it should not be implied that endorses every person in the directory. Use sound judgment when seeking the services of any speaker, musician, coach, etc.

Q: What is

A: Our parent site! was founded by Jennifer and Philip Rothschild in 1998. We are passionate about equipping women of all ages to effectively lead in ministry. As a member-based site, members pay a quarterly or annual fee and become part of an online community with access to colleagues in ministry as well as a wealth of resources and tools to help them in their ministry leadership. Consider joining today!


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